Your one-stop digital health clinic for managing cancer treatment side effects.

Developed by leading oncodermatologists to alleviate the skin, hair & nail disorders and side effects caused by chemo, radiation or immunotherapies.

• Prescribed to you online with our Telemedicine medical staff
• FDA-approved medication up to 90% off other pharmacies
• Easy transfer of an existing prescription for cost savings
• No more waiting in pharmacy lines, or in specialist's offices
• Quick delivery to your home

Do you have any of these conditions? Let us help you.
We offer easy to use, value sized, safe, clean over the counter products. For more severe issues we offer telemedicine visits with our Doctors or we can coordinate with your Doctor to obtain a prescription.

Alleviate my itching

Soothe irritation and promote healthy, hydrated skin.

restore my hair

Strengthen your locks while reducing hair loss during treatment.

Rebuild my nails

Heal, grow and maintain healthy nails.

Soothe my mouth

Alleviate oral mucositis, including pain and sores.

Improve my digestion

Eliminate nausea and restore the health of your digestive system.

Prescription-Strength Solutions
01 Select your condition.

Choose a product and share your symptoms on our online questionnaire.

02 Consult with our medical team.

Discuss treatment options with specialized practitioners to determine your best fit.

03 Receive your medication.

Get prescriptions and any over-the-counter meds delivered directly to your door.

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Medical Advisory Board

Our dedicated team of doctors, pharmacists, and care specialists are here to support you along the way.

Patient Testimonials

Anna P.
New York

Chemo dries my skin out so much that it flakes and gets unbearably itchy. This FaceRx Moisturizing cream is the most soothing texture, and my skin absorbs it without feeling greasy or shiny.

Julie B
New York

I feel much better after using this cream. I feel like I am treating myself because I know the ingredients are safe and really good for my skin.